What is this all about?

"Secret Hot Spots" profiles some of the BEST "Mom & Pop" shops and restaurants in the Omaha area.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Secret Hot Spots" - Bread Oven

Today was SO COLD and rainy outside... it made me want to curl up inside the "Bread Oven" with a big bowl of soup... and a nice, hearty sandwich.

You can't go wrong with ANY of the sandwiches there... the homemade bread is fantastic!
Made fresh every single day.
My favorite loaf has bits of olives in it - so yummy.

Located near 50th and Underwood, make sure to check it out :)
They have great coffee too!

- Jenny

Monday, September 6, 2010

"Secret Hot Spots" - The Nail Shop

With only a FEW days of summer left... it's time to get ONE LAST pedicure.

We shot this video back in June, at this GREAT great nail shop called... what else? - "The Nail Shop."
It's located in downtown Omaha inside the Bee-Bee Runyan building.

The thing that makes this place so cool, is the atmosphere - and the fact they use vegan products!

If you love being pampered, slip on your flip-flops and head on out!

- Jenny

Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Secret Hot Spots" - Family Favorite Cookies

Whenever I have a bad day, I always crave CHOCOLATE.
Today... I would have LOVED a big, triple-chocolate cookie from "Family Favorite Cookies."

Located in Papillion, NE off South 72nd street, this cookie shop offers so many mouth watering "family" recipes.

From sugar cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip, ginger snaps, monster cookies - they have it all!

If you have a sweet tooth - you need to check it out.

- Jenny

P.S. This video was shot around Valentine's Day... that's why there are so many heart cookies :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Secret Hot Spots" - Wave Bistro

I am craving asian food right now...
... so I thought we'd break out "Wave Bistro" - one of the BEST asian restaurants in Omaha.

It's located near 144th & West Maple Road - in a strip mall area.

The inside is cozy and warm, and George and Connie (the owners) are SO SWEET.

Anything and everything you eat is AMAZING - products are TOP quality.
I tried the Cashew Crusted Salmon - it was literally melting in my mouth.

- Jenny

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Secret Hot Spots" - Soup Revolution

Street food, anyone?
Whether it's hot dogs, tacos, or ice cream - you have to admit, everyone loves a little "food on wheels" every now and then.

For the first time... Omaha has a street food vendor selling SOUP!
How amazing is this?
Sara Cerasoli (the owner and chef) went to culinary school in NYC before coming to Omaha.
Her soups are all homemade - made with the best ingredients... and let me tell you... the soup is SUPER yummy.
She also offers salads and desserts.

Make sure to follow her on Facebook or Twitter to find out each day where her "Soup Revolution" van will be!

- Jenny

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Secret Hot Spots" - The Cordial Cherry

Remember those boxes of chocolate covered cherries we all got as kids from our grandparents?

Well... let me tell you... these cordial cherries from (where else) but the "Cordial Cherry" near 108th and Center in Rockbrook Village are FABULOUS!!!
They come in more than 50 flavors, and are molded into whimsical shapes.
The pineapple, raspberry, and apricot were my personal favorites... amazing!
They are all made by scratch from a secret family recipe.

If you love chocolate, and you love cherries, you will LOVE this spot!

Plus, you get a free sample when you walk in the door :)

- Jenny

Monday, August 23, 2010

"Secret Hot Spots" - Pudgy's Pizza

Tomorrow (August 24th) marks my mom's birthday, and her ONLY request for a place to eat... is Pudgy's Pizza!
Located near 168th and Harrison, this is THE BEST Chicago-style pizza you will eat in Omaha.
Their deep-dish pizza with lots of veggies and meats is my favorite.
But, Pudgy's thin-crust is fabulous as well.

This video is from a year ago, but the pizza... is still JUST AS GOOD - maybe better!
Run, don't walk - to go check them out!
- Jenny